Reimagining the way we work.

At Thumbtack, we blend the flexibility of virtual work with the best of in-person connection. Our virtual-first, not virtual-only model is more equitable and effective.

Welcome to the Thumbtack way of working — intentionally designed with you in mind.

What it means to be virtual-first, not virtual-only.

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Make an impact from where you live.

We know great talent exists everywhere. Which is why we empower our teammates to work where they live. At Thumbtack, you can grow your career from the United States, Ontario & British Columbia or anywhere in the Philippines.

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Experience the power of in-person.

In-person connections matter. Come together to deepen relationships and build community. Meet your teammates face-to-face at local gatherings and regular offsite events.

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Thrive in an equitable environment. 

Virtual-first enables us to hire teammates from diverse backgrounds and geographies. With all teamwork happening virtually, every voice has equal strength — regardless of location.

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How we work virtually.

Virtual work at Thumbtack means set Collaboration Hours for Zoom meetings, weekly focus time on No Meeting Wednesdays, and Google Docs and tools for asynchronous collaboration across teams.

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Building relationships IRL.

We believe that gathering in-person deepens our relationships and helps build community. That's why we host regular gatherings — and you're invited! We've got a little something for everyone, from hiking to salsa-making to silent discos.

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Not your average “office”.

We’ve completely reimagined the office: optional, open, and flexible.

Our space (aka "library") is a designated location in San Francisco for team members to kick back, socialize, do heads-down work or just enjoy a change of scenery.

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Meet Thumbtackers near you.

We believe a strong sense of local community adds real value to our work (and personal) lives. Connect with fellow Thumbtackers in one of our Local Community Slack channels, where you can share neighborhood happenings, restaurant recommendations, and more. And of course, you’ll be invited to connect IRL too through meetups and meals. Today we have 30+ Local Communities throughout the U.S., Ontario region of Canada and the Philippines.

Where we work today.

United States 

Ontario region of Canada


We're making an impression with the way we work.

The Data Favors Flexible Work

The results of our study affirm our commitment to a virtual-first way of working. Among people who’ve worked in both types of environments and understand their pros and cons, the consensus is clear: virtual work is better for productivity, job satisfaction, mental and physical health, and family dynamics.

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What We've Learned Two Years into our Virtual-First Model

Two years ago, in the height of a worldwide pandemic, we made the decision to throw our perceptions of what the workplace has been and should be out the window.

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Bringing It Together at our TT Connect Offsites

It’s been two years since we officially introduced Thumbtack’s virtual-first, not virtual-only working model, and we’re continuing to anchor in our commitment to flexible work coupled with in-person connections.

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